Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The VRP is Either Being Hijacked by Spammers...Or Has Transcended Language Entirely

A plethora of spam comments from Asian sites is provoking me to break my long silence and write this short diatribe.

Comment moderation is now on, and when I get a chance I'll go delete the dozens of comments that look like NBA tatts reiterated endlessly, except that I suspect these cryptic characters are touting Chinese Viagra or something instead of, say, "strength and honor," or whatever LeBron James' tattoo actually means.

I'm kind of amused at this development, actually. Wondering what these spammers think this site is about and what exactly they are trying to promote. Does the VRP look like a rollicking entertainment zone with rich patrons who are looking to drop their dime on exotic pleasures?

Hmm. I wouldn't have thought so...but maybe the VRP has tapped into an even deeper cultural vein that what I've realized. Maybe this "vocabulary" site, while championing English verbs, adjectives, and the like, has managed to transcend the very reason for its existence, putting the love for language into a medium beyond words.

Yeah, I think that's probably what has happened here.

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